About Me

Just a Girl who Decided to GO FOR IT!


I remember when I was perhaps 14 or so, I began discovering my passion for Design.

 Finding the perfect "balance" in a room was something that just came naturally.

I discovered how Colour was so exciting!! I loved how the perfect colour would make me feel!

My passion continued throughout the years, my friends would always comment favorably on how my homes had always looked.

Soooo...... I made the decision to take my first Interior Design course.


After a few years, I eventually became a Colour Consultant for Benjamin Moore.

Colour! Wow! It is one amazing element! I absolutely LOVE colour!

We won the prestigious Consumer Choice Award the year I joined the team. Then again the next year, and the year after that. This was one of my defining moments in my career choice. 

I had to do more.

Then I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build my own Custom home, twice, and to actually Design them myself.


It was an amazing experience, and It was then that I discovered another level to my Designing passion!

I wanted to be a Kitchen Designer!

My second home became one of the floor plans offered as an option within the Builders portfolio, and the kitchen was featured in Western Living magazine. 

I was always frustrated by the way the layouts of homes did not make sense.

I always felt as though they were not designed for the way that you use them.

Little things like.... outlets...… never where you need them! 

Well, I got to have everything EXACTLY how I felt made sense.

So, I decided to " Go For It!"

I Took my Kitchen Design Training and I have been Designing Kitchens, baths, laundry rooms... etc.,  ever since.

THIS is what I was meant to do!

 That is how I Design today. I look at a space for how it makes sense, and how well it functions for the families that use it.

I lived most of my life in the country, and if I could not live in the country, I tried to have my home as far out of the city as I could.

I love the feel of the relaxed atmosphere of country life. The beauty that surrounds you,


This has shaped my Designing Style.

My other passions are cooking,

my husband and I have been known to have last minute Pierogi and Ravioli making sessions at midnight.....

( but that's a whole other story )

Gardening.... there is something so very therapeutic about getting down and dirty in a wooden box.... hahaha, and then reaping the rewards of fresh garden vegetables! Mmmmm!

Today I am in the most beautiful setting that I could ever have imagined that I would be.

My home is in the Stunning Okanagan Valley.

I have an incredible family which consists of FOUR young adults..... I know....right?,

a Sheltie dog, a Ragdoll Cat ( who thinks he is a dog ),

and the most loving, supportive husband, ( aka pierogi, ravioli stuffer ).

It is definitely busy when we are all together!

My family is my everything, and I find inspiration in everything that we are.


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